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 Muna Week 11

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Muna Khalfan

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PostSubject: Muna Week 11   Muna Week 11 Icon_minitimeSun Nov 15, 2009 5:01 pm

Week 11

Sunday 8th Nov 2009
Today I discussed with the CEO about the work placement that Mr. Mohammed Bin Jarsh offered that is related to the website of STG where she said that it’s a great idea and I should talk to him about my colleagues if it is possible to let them work there as trainers to do a TNA for the employees.

Monday 9th Nov 2009
Today I had a training session in Al Talaa school me and Shaima went there. The trainee were teachers and the school principle. They were excited about the session which was about Dreamweaver . They asked for other sessions and they will contact us soon to inform us about the sessions that they want.

Wednesday 11th Nov 2009
Discussed with Moza about the database that we should prepare where we have to add a sub form to the records that was created by Ishraaf. Evaluated Aisha on her training with the Foundation students.

Thursday 12th Nov 2009
Delivered two training sessions one for IA Level 5 students it was about Adobe Flash the students were interested to learn more about Flash. After I finished my training session in Flash I went to STG with Jawaher to give them the employee feedback and to discuss with Mr. Muhammed bin Jarsh about the work placement but he was in a meeting so we asked his secretary to tell him what we came for. When I came back I gave level 3 IA students a session in Dream waver.
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Muna Week 11
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