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 Muna - week 7

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Muna Khalfan

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Muna - week 7 Empty
PostSubject: Muna - week 7   Muna - week 7 Icon_minitimeSun Oct 18, 2009 6:05 pm

Muna Khalfan

week 7

Sunday 11th Oct 2009

Today we started marketing about our center, where we prepared a strand that 2 of our employees will stand there and promote about our services and training sessions. Also me and Jawaher started distributing bookmarks and chocolates to the stuff where we went to some of the departments telling them about our center.

Monday 12th Oct 2009

Today was the shift for me and Sharaaf to stand on the stand. Many girls were interested to know more about our center. Also we gave them the brochures so if they need anything they can contact us. Another thing also me, Shaima and Jawaher went to distribute some invitation cards to some of our previous and current teachers . Also we did an interview with Al Khaleej news paper where they asked me about the center mission and how important is the website.
I tried to fix the website to make it available for the opening day but unfortunately the guy who is responsible about the web server was on a sick leave so I have to wait till the other day.

Wednesday 14th Oct 2009

Today we had an interview with Al Bayan news paper where they asked us about the center, how it is important and what did I learn from my position as a webmaster.

Tuesday 15th Oct 2009

Today was the day that we were waiting for the opening of AMTC. Mr Jed came and cut the ribbon. It was a very busy day.
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Muna - week 7
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