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 Muna- week 8

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Muna Khalfan

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Muna- week 8 Empty
PostSubject: Muna- week 8   Muna- week 8 Icon_minitimeSun Oct 25, 2009 3:18 pm

Muna Khalfan

Week 8

Sunday 18th Oct 2009
I started working on the form for the website which is about our services that anyone can register online. I prepared it with Sharaaf we gathered the important information that’s we should include it in this form then we set the design of it.

Monday 19th Oct 2009
Continued working on the form, but I had some difficulties in setting the coding of this form and preparing a database. Sharraf suggested to ask her brother to help her in this form.

Wednesday 21th Oct 2009
In this day we had many customers, Nina was one of them where she asked for a poster design.

Tuesday 23th Oct 2009
Did some changes on the form, bus I still have some difficulties to prepare it because I am not an expert in preparing databases.
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Muna- week 8
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