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 Muna - week 15

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Muna Khalfan

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Muna - week 15 Empty
PostSubject: Muna - week 15   Muna - week 15 Icon_minitimeMon Dec 14, 2009 1:16 pm

week 15

Sunday 6th Dec 2009
Today was the first day or me and Mariam Salem to teach access students. We just gave them typing practice for the exam that they will be having it on Monday . the class was very noisy they just keep talking all the time unfortunately this session is the noisiest one between all the access classes .

Monday 7th Dec 2009
Today we have to give the access students typing exam most of them were nervous, but at last of them did well in the exam and some of them didn’t. after this class I went home because I was sick.

Wednesday 9th Dec
My manager asked me to check on the database where it is Alia’s job. I had a problem when I was checking the database my laptop freeze and closed the file where I could not open it again I tried to make a back file with a help with my manager Moza thankfully it worked.
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Muna - week 15
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