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 Week 9- Jawaher Mohamed

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Jawaher AlMulla

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Week 9- Jawaher Mohamed Empty
PostSubject: Week 9- Jawaher Mohamed   Week 9- Jawaher Mohamed Icon_minitimeSun Nov 01, 2009 2:58 pm

Name: Jawaher Mohamed ID:H00051151
The weekly report (week 9)

Sunday 25th October 2009
In this day I had a Photoshop session at 12 o'clock with education students but after 11 clock Muna who was suppose to give the first session came and said that the teacher there wasn't informed and he didn't let her continue so she left. All this time I was printing the handouts and lesson plan so eventually I didn't do my session.

Monday 26th October 2009
We started the day with a meeting with the CEO she talked about the chain of command and how important it is. Then I started working on the noodle tools handout. I also printed some labels for the administrator manager. At 2 o'clock I gave a session about Noodle tools for some of the students in my class to help them when they go and give sessions for other classes.

Wednesday 28th October 2009
We had a meeting at the start of the day the GM discussed first the training handouts and sessions, how many hours etc. Then she talked about the organizational chart and that it needs to be rotated then she gave us the OC so when can write our name on the position that we would like to be in but we may not get the same position if the CEO didn't think we fit for the job. Then my shift started and I started reading the emails and sent an email to one of the English teachers offering he a movie maker session. Also Mrs. Susan came again and said that she wanted a new newspaper and handed me the materials for me to work on it and promised to come next week and give the rest of the materials.

Thursday 29th October
This day was a very interesting day for me. I started with preparing for my session that I’m going to give for the staff then I ordered Aisha my officer to go and scan the papers that we need for the newspaper. The CEO also talked with us about the organizational chart and that she is not satisfied about it so some had to change their positions so I went back to being the marketing manager after changing to a trainer. Lastly at 1 clock Muna the webmaster and me went to almasareh in Sharjah to do an interview with Mr. Mohamed bin jaresh he told us that he wants a website, broachers and a logo for his organization. We thanked him for this opportunity and set a deadline for the project which is after 3 weeks.
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Week 9- Jawaher Mohamed
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