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 Noura Habib - Week 16

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Noura Habib

Noura Habib

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Noura Habib - Week 16 Empty
PostSubject: Noura Habib - Week 16   Noura Habib - Week 16 Icon_minitimeMon Dec 21, 2009 3:29 pm

Week 16

All the week, I was very busy in deliver my last two sessions for different groups of students. Also, my manager ask me to write about every things I do for AMTC where I worked as Marketing Officer. In addition, I went with my colleague Zelekha to the schools to collect our money that we earn it from the training session we offer for them. Furthermore we went to Al Mwared to collect our money from one customer that we made for her logo and brochures. Finally, I did the peer evaluation for all my colleagues in AMTC to evaluate their performance and how they work in the AMTC.

Noura Habib
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Noura Habib - Week 16
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