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 Weekly Report 5

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Weekly Report 5 Empty
PostSubject: Weekly Report 5   Weekly Report 5 Icon_minitimeSat Oct 10, 2009 8:24 pm

Weekly Report 5

Sunday 4/10/2009

• As usual every Sunday the G.M conduct a meeting, the main things was discussed in this meeting are the importance of informing and discussing the G.M and other members if we did not like something that employee make it. She insisted that never do anything without sharing opinions with managers and G.M
• Also, the G.M and CEO focused on the chain of command that every employee should report to his manager because managers are responsible to keep track of employees work and give instructions for them then the manager communicate with G.M to inform her the last updated done work.
• Then Sharaf explained to us about the database that she created where will be in the G drive in order to keep records such as problems section and material needed section, but I remind her to create a section for purchase and design services to keep requests records.
• After that we went to AMTC and I explained for the employee about the forms I created so they will know how to use them when a customer comes.
• When we come back to the class Jawaher and Mooza did a presentation about business etiquettes especially the part of the professional way to answer phone calls.

Monday 5/10/2009

• Our G.M went to some schools in order to introduce our center, give them our address and tell them some information by distributing brochures. Also, the G.M exchanged with them the e-mail address and mobile phone numbers to contact them after the opening.
• The vice president told us what we have to do, she remind us about the girls who will be in the interview for the newspaper in order to confirm the names of who will be with a photo or without.
• I worked with my manager to finalize the invitation cards, so we printed, laminated and cute them, then we had the acceptance from the CEO to complete working on it.
• The G.M came and bring with her good news that the schools reactions was positive especially the teachers were more excited to be trained in some areas particularly the designing.

• After that Asma Hassen trained us on Photoshop, but when Asma Omar wants to train us I read the key points of her session then I realized that I know how to do them, so I told the CEO to let me go and help Jawaher and Muna in doing the invitation cards.

Tuesday 6/10/2009

• I continued working on the invitation cards with the marketing manager, Muna and Mooza. After we done with them we worked on wrapping the chocolates.

Wednesday 7/10/2009

• Our CEO checked what everyone are going to do , me and Muna worked on designing the AMTC’s door and some girls helped us to complete it.
• My manager notified me that we have a lot of work to do tomorrow to be ready for the stand like printing brochures and printing more bookmarks because the CEO told us that we should distribute 150 of these printed papers for the faculty only and we should prepare more 100 printed papers for the stand for the students.

Thursday 8/10/2009

• the G.M asked me, Jawaher and Mooza to write the vision of AMTC, but I went to AMTC to print 2 copies of the brochures for the CEO and print more bookmarks and logo for the chocolate because all the documents were with me. Then I gave some instructions on bookmarks and logo to the classmates to ensure of doing them in right way.
• when I returned to see what happened with the vision, I found that they have finished it so I read it and take it to my English teacher Mr. Stephan for the approval, then I immediately typed in the brochure . Then I returned back to AMTC to print the brochure after adding the vision on it.
• Me and Muna went out of the college campus to bring some materials like ribbons, wrappers and some stuffs for the stand.
• After we came we saw that Jawaher and Mooza were training the employee on Moviemaker, so we joined them.
• I gave some employee work to finish in home before leaving such as book marks and brochure and I gave them some materials that me and Muna bought them.
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Weekly Report 5
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