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 Weekly Report 4

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Weekly Report 4 Empty
PostSubject: Weekly Report 4   Weekly Report 4 Icon_minitimeSun Oct 04, 2009 2:29 am

Weekly Report 4

Sunday 27/9/2009

The G.M conducted a meeting and assigned some jobs for marketing department which was preparing for the stand in the corridor for the marketing campaign before the opening day.
• Me and the marketing manager discussed about what materials should be available for the stand.
• I took the responsibility to bring and make some materials such as ribbons, wrapper, chocolates and badges. Also, I will print colored and uncolored copies of the bookmark, brochure and poster.
• I informed Mooza who in charge of writing the strengths in software application of each one in order to give training for the class before the opening so that the GEO will insure how we train the customers and to make sure that the whole class should know everything in all manuals.
• I chose the Dreamweaver to train the class in which is about designing the website.

Monday 28/9/2009

• The G.M met with us and she set deadlines for each member or group to finish their work.
• She informed us to search for external customers by calling schools and other organization and for internal customers by visiting foundation students in the college to let them know about the AMTC.
• Me and my manager Jawaher continued discussing about the stand and how to make it attractive which will be started in week seven.
• We decided to add more memories gift about AMTC and create a list for the students who will be interested in our center so that after running our business in Al Mahara we will contact them to accept and remind their demands about training sessions.
• I created some forms for our department which are design order form, customer invoice and the design contents form. Fortunately I have finished them all in al Mahara time so I had a chance to show the G.M and then the CEO. They made few changes, so I edited, printed and I put them in the tray in AMTC.

Tuesday 29/9/2009

• The G.M assigned for me to think about the design of AMTC’s door and I discussed it with the my manager Jawaher and we came up to buy some pieces of cork and put on them the letters so this way will make the door noticeable and eye-catching.
• I gave Muna a list of materials that I wanted for the door design because she is able to drive and buy them from the shop.

Wednesday 30/9/2009

• The CEO notified us some information about the opening such as the date, time, the guest and the attendance of media.
• Also, she wanted some girls to be the representative of AMTC to guide and talk with Dr. Farid in the opening day, but we did not decide about this we decided that the managers of each department will tell the Director about the department’s mission and goals.
• The HR manager informed us about the rules of AMTC such as being on time, leaving the college with a permission from HR department and academic service and keep AMTC clean and locked to ensure the safety of our stuff.
• Me and Muna started to think about finding customers and I thought of targeting the foundation and going to their computer teachers to tell them we will take around five minutes of their class time to tell the students about AMTC and its services in the promotion campaign week then we will take some of their classes to train their students after the opening.
• Also, I thought about targeting business and IT level 1 students as they will have to run a business bazaar in the college so they will need to create logo, posters and brochures to market their products. I think it is a chance to target these students to achieve AMTC goals.
• Some students in the class did a presentation about business etiquettes so that it will help us to know the basic skills to run our business which is AMTC business.

Thursday 1/0/2009

• We have done with the bookmark in terms of printing, cutting and laminating which will be distributed for the students and staffs when we are promoting for AMTC in the corridor.

• The G.M delegated to me to do all types of forms that I know, so I created form for the purchase and services form which includes some information about purchases like manual and about services like binding and lamination which will help us to serve the customers better when they request and to know how many times that each student serves the customers.
• As I am responsible of doing forms I helped the training department to create from for trainees and for trainers which may assist them handling training sessions with customers.
• Muna and me went to Mr. Stephan for the final check of the poster.
• G.M conducted a meeting about training for our class, we decided that everyone who made manual about a specific software she should train our class even if she is not interested in this software or she is not strong in it.
• Then the G.M asked Mooza to arrange for each one a session for the next week and week 7. I chose Monday to train the class in Dreamweaver and I wanted this session to be evaluated.
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Weekly Report 4
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