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 weekly 8 Report

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Maryam Salem

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PostSubject: weekly 8 Report   weekly 8 Report Icon_minitimeSat Oct 24, 2009 4:45 pm

Week 8 Report

Name: Maryam Salem ID: H00049809

Sunday 18 October 2009
Today it was my first day to teach Diploma student about formatting text in word document. However, I come late for the class and I was so nerves so I went to the class and the student watching me. I felt nerves and exciting in the same time. However, I start my session and I give the lesson to the student and before I go to another point I make sure that everybody is understand the lessons by asking them that shall I repeat or move on then I move to another point. On the other hand, after I finish I decide to do the excises sheet and after that they do it by their self and if they have any question they can ask me. The student was friendly and they ask me some question which makes me feel better and excited. After that I read my feedback to do better in the next time.

Monday 19 October 2009
Today I went to the AMTC and print out some copy of Opining hour of AMTC and the brochures. I went to some classes to talk about AMTC and to put the Opining hour sheet and brochures on the board. Also, I sat with Shaima and call back to the Mrs. Kholoud from AL Eshbilia School because she called to us so we had small conversation about the training session. However, she told me when we will come so I tell her that we will send the opining hour for you and then you decide when we have to come depend on AMTC schedule. And also I called to other schools but they didn’t answer me. On the other hand I called to Mrs. Susan because she told us that she will come to us to do lamination for some papers so she was late so I called to her and remind her so she told me that she will be in AMTC in a few minutes. Also, Mrs. Seema comes to us because she wants to know about several things on the PowerPoint. Also, cut some of the forms and help Shaima to make folder for the forms that been filled.

Wednesday 21 October 2009
Today I was printing my handouts and lesson plan that I used in my training session to put it in my training session folder and I also put it in G drive in my folder. However, when I went to AMTC two students came to customer services dick where Shaima was so because Shaima was busy with other two students I ask the student who just came in if they want any help. They told me that they want to do binding for the math book so I take the books and do binding for it. And, also I was printing the manuals but I discover that I have no balance for printing in my account.

Thursday 22 October 2009
In this day I was quite busy. I called to the schools to ask them about the programs that they want from us to teach them and when we have to come. Some of the schools answer me and they told me that they will call me back. After that I print out the excel manuals and give it to Mrs. Amal. Also, I went to Jumanah Accountant to help her to do questionnaire for the external client so that we will see what they needs. After that I went to AMTC to set in Shaima disk because she have some work to do so I went to her place also I sent to Mr. Mohammed bin Jarsh email to ask him that we want to come to give questionnaire for his employee to see their needs. Also, we received an email from Mrs. Amal so on that time I was setting instead of Shaima so I received the email. However, the email was about the training session for the noodles tool so Mrs. Amal says on the email that we have to prepare schedule, trainer, handouts and backup for the session and I went to the training manager Asma Abdul Rahman to tell her about the email so that we have to be prepared. However, I and Jawaher the marketing manager went to Mrs. Susan to give her order.
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weekly 8 Report
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