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 Sharaaf _ Week 11

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Sharaaf Al Mahri

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PostSubject: Sharaaf _ Week 11   Sharaaf _ Week 11 Icon_minitimeFri Nov 13, 2009 9:05 pm

Sharaaf Al Mahri
IT Manager
Week 11 report
8 November, Sunday
• I sent an email for all the managers to inform their team members about the important things that they should do, because all AMTC members are busy with their training sessions and the chance to make meeting was very weak.
9 November, Monday
• I met with Miss Amal about what should be finished by the end of this week
• I met with Marketing to be ready about the Eid Cards offers and IT Mangers to make some change on the database
• I met with the accountant to inform her manger about final finances report and they should go to Mr Andrew to check the request list that AMTC gain
• I met with Training manger to select the students who will attend for Smart board session and students who will prepare for MS Word handout
• I took with the whole class about the events happened this week and we should be ready for next week
• I attended with Matam Salem session in Excel
• I met with Ashia from ICDl department to discuss what she means by practice card
11 November ,Wednesday
• I worked with accountant to prepare a report for Miss Amal
• I met with Marketing Manager and I called Mr. Ali Yamak to take permeation to distribute brushers on cars and buses and he was agree with us, also he asked us if we need any help
• I asked PR to call Al Tamkeen Organization for some information
• I attended a session on Starboard
12 November, Thursday
• I called AL Tamkeen organization to inform them that we can meet them to prepare a schedule for training sessions, but Nawal , the person who contacting with us said that she is busy today and she will call us later, but she didn’t call again
• I went to Sharjah Human Recourse Organization with Asmaa to make training needs analyst and market AMTC and to inform them that we are ready to provide training sessions, but they told us that they can’t deal with us because they follow the plan for their training sessions but they will use our services.
• I asked RP to search about more organizations
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Sharaaf _ Week 11
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