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 Sharaaf Week 8

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Sharaaf Al Mahri

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PostSubject: Sharaaf Week 8   Sharaaf Week 8 Icon_minitimeSun Oct 25, 2009 6:00 pm

Sharaaf Al Mahri
IT Manager
Week 8 Report

18 October Sunday
• I prepared for my first training session, which was about MS Word 2007. For example, I prepared a lesson plan and table of activities, print out the handouts and the exercise, which is ready by Miss Hagar. Also Maryam Salem helped me to prepare the ice breaker, which is about few questions should be asked for the students.
19 October Monday
• I tried to help Mona on the website for preparing a code for the form
• I Cheeked the database and contacted with training department that all sessions were update on the database
• Call the help desk for fixing the scanner
• I did my first training session, which was about MS Word 2007 for HD Foundation Section 10 in Health building. First I fell very nervous and I didn’t know what exactly I should do. After that, I started to introduce myself and took the idea about the class, my nervous came down. The funny thing is that I started with the ice breaker without explain for the students what exactly they should do. In addition, some of the students have a background about the lesson, which made me to fell that “what I’m doing here, there is no need for me”. But, when I asked other students about the formatting, they said that this is the first time using these formatting. I just distributed the handouts. After that, I given them the exercise sheet, which took about 15 minutes and I moved around them for any help. Miss Hajer and Miss Amal and Mooza were their just to evaluate me, which made me scary^^. After that, Miss Hajer told me that I was an excellent but I need for some development, also Miss Amal given me a feedback about me performance, which contact some good and bad. It was a very good trying for me to start apply with I learned from my program

21 October Wednesday
• I distributed broachers in the F Building
• I met with my clients s and asked them about their program that the preferred to train on
• I prepared a lesson plan for the next week session on the Photoshop
22 October Thursday
• I was the charge in AMTC, because the GM was absent.I get what exactly each department should finish by the end of this day from the GM. For example, the training manger should handle the Node Tools manual and they should contact with Miss Nicole to give a training sessions. Marketing department should send an email for Mohammed Bin Jersh that AMTC team are ready to visit his department, also they should send an email for the SWC about AMTC.
• I contacted with HR department to create a Policy’s form. Also I had given a work for Assam and Assam to finish Miss Amal order.
• I met with my team to tell them about the service that we are responsible for, memo and how to use the forms in AMTC
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Sharaaf Week 8
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