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 Sharaaf - Week 5 Report

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Sharaaf Al Mahri

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Sharaaf Al Mahri
IT Manager

Week 5 Report

27th September
As every day meeting, we discussed the main points that should be finished at the end of the week. For example:
• Call schools
• The moviemaker should be readied include someone voice and should be 4-5 minutes. This will prepared by (Maryam Saeed, Jumanah, Hanan)
• (Asma & Asma) will take a photo about AMTC, also video that later will be on the moviemaker
• Prepare for AMTC standing in the coli door for two days for educating the students about our center . This will be prepared by ( Jawaher. Hanan and shema). Also (Mouza) created a shifts schedule for this standing
• Each department should create at least two forms include exactly what they need and these forms must be ready in the center
• The employee of the week will be chosen by the AMTC members for the most employees working

28th September
• We discussed the opening day for Al Mahara Training Center. That will be on 15th October
• We should write an email for the people who will be invited
• We also decided that in week 8 we will start training
• By the end of week 6 and 7 each student should find at least 2 sections to train them and one section from outside
• Asmaa, Alya and me have checked the teachers schedule to meet them . After that all of us went to gather to meet those teachers. For example, we met with Miss Fatima Zaydan, Miss Nwal, Miss Hajer, Mr.Jone and Mr. Mohammed Qassem . we explained that we need to train their students and they all agree with that.

30th September
• The designer of AMTC website (Mona) showed the website it was very good , we all liked it . Miss Amal also liked it and she gave her some advices for developing AMTC website
• Maha and Alya did presentation and it was very good and it took about what the businessman should do when he is traveling

1 October
• I wrote the thank you letter for the teachers who met with us , indeed Miss Amal checked it and she change the whole letter to the professional on.
• ZOZO asked student who wants to pay money, because she will go to buy some stuff for AMTC.
• Maryam and Moza crated to schedule for training for the week 6 and 7. For example each 2 student have to deliver a lesson about the manual that they ready create
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Sharaaf - Week 5 Report
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