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 Mariam Saeed -Week 10

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Mariam saeed

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Mariam Saeed -Week 10 Empty
PostSubject: Mariam Saeed -Week 10   Mariam Saeed -Week 10 Icon_minitimeMon Nov 09, 2009 5:37 pm

Mariam Saeed
Training Manager
Week 10

 I start on Sunday with new position which is Training manager and I sit with Asma Abdu Rahman to know the responsibilities of the new position.
 I sit with my group and I divided the work between them and make sure everyone are responsible to do their work.
 I attend many session to evaluate the trainers and after I finish I give them feedback about the session so that they can improve them self.
 On the Monday I follow my group and I check the training file and make sure the feedback section divided to 10 lesson for each trainer.
 I ask Aisha to follow the training schedule to check the name of trainer for each week to make sure each one give her the training feedback and training feedback summary to put them in the file .
 I have training session in windows movie maker in college with one student and Hanan came to evaluate me on Wednesday.
 After I finish my session I had training session with Asma Hassan in Photoshop and she taught me how to use some of Photoshop tools..
 In the Thursday me and Jumanah had training session in Ashbeelia school to give them training in Photoshop and they apologies from us because the teachers were not ready.
 I talk with manager of the school to send for us a proper schedule which include days, times and numbers of teacher for next week and I told them without this schedule we will not send any trainer.
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Mariam Saeed -Week 10
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