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 Mariam Saeed-Week 3

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Mariam saeed

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PostSubject: Mariam Saeed-Week 3   Mariam Saeed-Week 3 Icon_minitimeThu Sep 17, 2009 6:14 pm

Mariam Saeed
General Manager

• We discuss about having one specific template for lesson plan & activities

•We have meeting with all member and talk about the courses and I make choose all the course are useful and we change same of them .

•I talk with Trainer manager about training time table.

•We talk about Business plan and our teacher send to us email by some details to make our work easier .

•I discuss with member about if any one now Sending fax.

•I discuss with Eman if the Voice mail are working or not .

•Finish the design and post slogan and mission in center.

•Check the broachers and post – print – and distribute

•Invitation cards – check- print – distribute

•I show all the member paragraph (About us ) to put it in brooches

•See the service and talk about it and discuss about if we will talk money from the external customer or not.
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Mariam Saeed-Week 3
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