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 Sharaaf wwek 6

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Sharaaf Al Mahri

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PostSubject: Sharaaf wwek 6   Sharaaf wwek 6 Icon_minitimeSun Oct 11, 2009 7:34 pm

Sharaaf Al Mahri
IT Manager

Week 6 Report
• I took 3 to 4 minutes explained for our class student how they use Al Mahara Database, and what are the responsibilities for each department in this database.
• We focused on Al Mahara standing in the coli door for the next week
• Shema showed a sample of the sweet and it looks very nice and they discussed that this sweet should by designed by two colors orange and green.
• The positions for Al Mahara members will change by the week 9
• Mona should sent a final link for Al Mahara website to Miss Amal
• Finally, moza and Jwahar did a presentation about the business ethicist and it was very useful for the members of the center
• I send a thank you latter for teachers who supports us and who will help us
• The general manager was outside the college to visit schools and tell them about our center, Jumanah was with her. They came back whit good news such as all the teachers there was very enthusiast about the idea of our center and this gave us the motivation for training the external customer.
• I’m as assistant manager I divided all students to groups to finish what exactly they do. For example, one group worked on the moviemaker, another group worked on the broachers, group on the convention card and the last group went to the teachers for their classes
• I worked on the nomination for the bookmark
• Some student worked on design the sweets
• I checked Al Mahara Email and we received an email from miss Hajar
• Group of student worked on the design of the stander of Al Mahara
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Sharaaf wwek 6
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