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 Mooza AlShamsi- Week6

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Mooza AlShamsi

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PostSubject: Mooza AlShamsi- Week6   Mooza AlShamsi- Week6 Icon_minitimeSun Oct 11, 2009 3:32 pm

Week 6 weekly report
Sunday: 4th October 2009
• Attend AMTC meeting and discuses about the invitation cards and the chocolate for the stand
• Present business antiquities presentation
• Sign the interview paper
• Design form for the voice mail
• Attend the explanation of the center process

Monday: 5th October 2009

• Attend one Photoshop session
• Print and prepare the invitation cards with the marketing department which took a long time, so we contained doing after AMTC classes

Tuesday: 6th October 2009
• Continued working on the invitation cards with Jawaher
• Keep working on the manuals

Wednesday: 7th October 2009
• Help with decorating the door of the center
• Print the icons picture of the programs which we will train people after asking the marketing manager and the general manager about their opinion to use the icons for the layout of the center
• Laminate and put the icons pictures on the board
• Do the bracelets with Jawaher and Muna

Thursday: 8st October 2009
• Write the vision with Jawaher
• Design the voice mail form and print it
• Copied the voice mail form after checking it with general manager
• Do the bookmarks with the girls
• Present Windows Movie Maker training session with Jawaher
• Discus the center video which is done by Jumanah using the Movie Maker program and suggest some finishing touches
• Print the brochure with the marketing manager during the break
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Mooza AlShamsi- Week6
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