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 week6 report-Aisha

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PostSubject: week6 report-Aisha   week6 report-Aisha Icon_minitimeSun Oct 11, 2009 12:10 pm

Name: Aisha Abdulla Al Ali ID: H00057281
Sunday Thursday 4th of October 2009
In this day the general manager make decision of what the rest of work aren’t completes. Also, Mona shoes us the design of the chocolates. Moreover, G.M tell Moza to do the forms. Also I help the students in AMTC to make the room clean design good and tidy. Also, CEO give us form for grand permission for photograph and video. Moreover, Moza and Jawaher make presentation about ethics.

Monday 5th of October 2009
Today we give the form to the CEO and we print brochures and invitation cards vice director represent for the students what to be finished and what to do. Also, there is 9 students want to do interviews, some of them with photos and others only interview. In addition, GM and Jumanah go to the schools to let them know about AMTC. Also, Asma and Eman in AMTC website the day and time of the submit for the daily reports. Moreover, Nora and Zulaka make the board design in AMTC. Finally, Asma Husan and Asma make the Photoshop training in the class to let us know what is in the manuals.

Wednesday 7th of October 2009
In this day GM is absent, so the CEO tell us what to do in this class and check what each of us have to do. After that we go to AMTC to make design for the door, so we stick the words of AMTC in orange color because the door color is green. Also, we cut the images of our programs and stick it in the board of the AMTC. Moreover, we prepare many brochure to distribute it in the college. Finally, Asma Hussan write the name of students who will make interviews and who have the green cards.
Thursday 8th of October 2009
In this day we work in invitation card and we make good design in the AMTC and discuss who will make the design of the door. Also, what to do for the stand. Also, we see Jawaher and Mooza who are training the employee on Moviemaker.
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week6 report-Aisha
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