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 Week 5- Jawaher Mohamed

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Jawaher AlMulla

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PostSubject: Week 5- Jawaher Mohamed   Week 5- Jawaher Mohamed Icon_minitimeSun Oct 04, 2009 2:48 pm

Name: Jawaher Mohamed ID:H00051151
The weekly report (week 5)

Sunday 27 September 2009
At the first day after we came from the holiday we reviewed everything we did and what needs to be done by forming a meeting with all the staff and the CEO was present, the CEO purposed to do a stand and place it on the corridor and the purpose of it is to advertise our center as much as we can.
At the stand three girls will be responsible each hour of talking to students and staff and distributing the brochures and also a bookmark that is made just for the stand.

Monday 28th of September
This day was a full day for me. We started our class with a weekly meeting. The GM discussed most of the things that we need to work on I.e. the stand and checked that everyone has something to do for the main time. First, me and Shaima worked on the forms she made one form, showed me and we added other two forms cause we felt that it was necessary then I went with Maha to print the brochures and showed her how to print it two sides and fold it then cut the remains. The CEO asked us to print the posters again since some of them didn't include the authors name. Me and Shaima worked on ideas for the stand and we came up with lots of ideas that are going to help us market AMTC.

29th of September 2009
Like every Tuesday we didn't have classes so we didn't do anything related to almahara.

30th of September
In this day the CEO talked with us first about changing our seats and changing the layout of the class we discussed this with her for a long time and she gave us two options and we should decide between them. Then Muna the webmaster showed us the website and we gave her our feedback but it was really good. Asma the HR manager read the laws of AMTC for the whole class and we agreed on it. Lastly Maha and Alia did a presentation for us about business etiquettes.

Thursday 1st of October
This day was a full day. We started with continuing our work I reprinted the authors name and stick it to the original posters. We also printed the bookmark and shaima and Maha laminated it. Then we started working on the invitations card after being way half through the CEO saw them and said that she doesn’t like them so we had to rethink about the design. At 11 O’clock me and Asma Omar met with Abbie the college designer and she told us that she likes the invitations card and gave some ideas about how to enhance our designs. After returning, the GM announced a meeting and we decided that the design of the invitations card will stay the same but with a bigger size and one paper only.
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Week 5- Jawaher Mohamed
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