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 Asma Abudllah.O - weekly report 2

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Asma Abdullah Omer

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Asma Abudllah.O - weekly report 2 Empty
PostSubject: Asma Abudllah.O - weekly report 2   Asma Abudllah.O - weekly report 2 Icon_minitimeThu Sep 17, 2009 5:13 pm

Asma Abdullah .O - h00050173 - technicain Support

Weekly Report:

1- We tried to make the logo in good quality and big size to the posters.
2- We continue designing the layout of Al Mahara Training Center.
3- Each department wrote their mission and goals.

1- We met together and we discussed about our posters, letterhead and the function of each department.
2- Each member wrote what did and what will do.
3- we tied to finish the designing of chart organization, fax cover sheet, mission of Al Mahara Training Center and taps of our folders .
4- We met Ms. Nawal and Ms. Hajer whom was manage Al Mahara Training Center before 3 years and they told us about many things:
• Their experience and how Al Mahara improve their skills
• How they plan to begin the work
• What the problems they were faced
• Their opinion about Al Mahara
• Discussed us about our work that we done.
• Encourage us to continue our work.

1- We Organized our work exactly.
2- We continue designing the layout.
3- We finish the questioner and start distribute it.

1- We vote to new manager which is Maryam sead
2- We met with our manager and she discussed us about all the points which are doesn’t finish it.
3- Somebody from technician taught us how to use the photocopy machine in the Al Mahara Center and we copied up of 120 papers of questioner.
4- We went to classes in foundations, business major, engineering and IT for told them about Al Mahara Training Center and we distribute the questioner for them.
5- We decided to create a balance to Al Mahara Center.
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Asma Abudllah.O - weekly report 2
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