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 Week3- Mooza Al Shamsi

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Mooza AlShamsi

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PostSubject: Week3- Mooza Al Shamsi   Week3- Mooza Al Shamsi Icon_minitimeThu Sep 17, 2009 4:51 pm

The Weekly Report

Week :3
Name: Mooza Al Shamsi

Sunday: 13th September 2009
• Attend the company meeting.
• Design more dividers for the binders.
• Printed most of the dividers for the administration manager.
• Typed the courses name and sent it to the general manager, webmaster and the marketing officer.
• Submitted the weekly report for week 2.

Monday: 14th September 2009

• Attend AMTC meeting.
• Printed more dividers for the binders.
• Gave mariam Omran the dividers to use.
• Started writing the business plan with the group.
• Organized the administration department binder using the dividers .
• Talked to the IT department manager about the training schedules.
• Did the interview with the CEO.
• Started doing the Windows Movie Maker manuals.

Tuesday: 15th September 2009
• Designed more dividers as mariam Omran assigned to me.
• Completed writing my part of the business plan.
• Started designing service request form.

Wednesday: 16th September 2009
• I was absent today, but I did my work at home.
• Finished designing the service request form.
• Sent the form to mariam Saeed to check if there is any improvement.
• Sent my part in the business plan to my group members to check it by email and ask them to sent their parts to read them.
• Submitted the business plan draft.
• Keep working on the manuals.

Thursday: 17th September 2009
• Uploaded all the paper work that I did in the G drive
• Sent the dividers to Hanan to print them.
• Keep working on the manuals.
• Started rewriting the business plan with the group.
• Submitted the weekly report for week 3.
• Attempted the department meeting to know what should we do.
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Week3- Mooza Al Shamsi
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