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 Weekly 3 Hanan Al Ali

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Hanan Al Ali

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PostSubject: Weekly 3 Hanan Al Ali   Weekly 3   Hanan Al Ali Icon_minitimeThu Sep 17, 2009 3:51 pm

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13, September 2009
•We had meeting with the General Manager and talked about the works that we must do it.
•We discussed about the handouts and who will going to make them and which day we should to handle it.
•Also, we changed the courses such as Adobe Flash instead of Typing Keyboarding and Microsoft Office Excel instead of Noodles Tools.
•We talked about who knows about sending Fax but nobody knows how so our teacher will teach us how to send a Fax.
•We finished the invitation cards that will distribute it before and for the opening day.
•We done writing of” About us” for AMTC that our teacher help us and all of us agreed with it and put in brochure.
14, September 2009
•Make corrections for changes that we made for our services.
•Complete the decoration for AMTC and sticked the clauses posters.
•Putted the mission’s statement and goals for different department at AMTC.
•Start working on the business plan report with group and how will run over our marketing plan.
•Make final corrections for the posters and brochure.
17, September 2009
•We discussed about the stand that includes our poster and brochure after that will put it at the main corridor of the college before two days of the opening day.
•Also, we discussed about the book marks and will laminate it for the opening day.
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Weekly 3 Hanan Al Ali
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