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 Week 2 - Jawaher Mohamed

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Jawaher AlMulla

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Week 2 - Jawaher Mohamed Empty
PostSubject: Week 2 - Jawaher Mohamed   Week 2 - Jawaher Mohamed Icon_minitimeTue Sep 15, 2009 1:47 pm

Name: Jawaher Mohamed ID:H00051151
The Weekly Report

Sunday 6/9/2009
Mrs. Amal checked our job descriptions and gave some advises and suggestions in order for us to enhance our roles and responsibilities. We continued working in all of the things we were assigned to and checked the memo list in order to see if there is anything we haven’t done.

Monday 7/9/2009
Monday was a busy day Mrs. Amal checked that everything is almost done and all the students gathered in order to decide on the slogan and mission. Then two graduated girls from IA visited to discuss with us the difficulties and steps they have used in order to achieve their goals. It was very helpful and we got the chance to ask lots of questions that would help us for the center.

Tuesday 8/9/2009
since we didn’t have an AMTC class this day we mostly continued what we have. I had finished all my work so I started on the popup which will appear on the portal I made it all and then asked some girls for their opinion. I gave maha the invitation card so she can fill it and checked on what Aisha did with the brochure and helped her with some stuff. I also went with some girls to train about laminating and binding and it helps us a lot.

Wednesday 9/9/2009
we mostly finished our works the CEO asked the girls what they have left and asked them to finish it, I checked the mission statement with the teacher and she changed some stuff then shaima typed it and sent it to Asma to print it. Then I showed Noora the GM and the CEO the popup and they liked it. we also finalized the quotes.

Thursday 10/9/2009
This day was a full day, we did a meeting at the start of the class with the new general manager, Mariam Saeed, and it went really well. we discussed the memo and checked what has been done and what should be. then everyone went to do their jobs after Mariam assigned for us things to do. I did the labels for the binders and finished the quotes posters and then we printed it . we also laminated the posters. some of the girls distributed the questioners and they received a very good feedback which pleased us all.
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Week 2 - Jawaher Mohamed
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