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 Muna - week 16

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Muna Khalfan

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Muna - week 16 Empty
PostSubject: Muna - week 16   Muna - week 16 Icon_minitimeThu Dec 17, 2009 5:54 pm

Muna Khalfan-week 16

Sunday 13th Dec 2009
We had a video conference with Abu Dhabi women’s college IA students, since IT manager was absent I represented the IT department where they asked us everything related to out center such as our departments, sessions, other courses, our services , the number of the students and who are the people that we target to train them. Also me and Mariam Salem had a class with the diploma access students we should teach them some features in PowerPoint where they will be having an exam next week, Mrs. Amal came to evaluate me for this session which was the last evaluation. They were noisy in the previous classes but this time they were quite because they got bad results in the typing exam so they want to concentrate this time to get good results for the next exam.

Monday 14th Dec 2009
The first hour of Al Mahara me and Mariam Salem had another class with the diploma students. We reviewed with them what we took in the previous class and asked them if they have any questions or if they did not understand anything in what we gave them last class. After that I went back to Al mahara were I attended a class that Eman has prepared which was about the smart board it was an intresting session and fun where I learnt how to create games and questions by using the smart board. Then I had a shift in al mahara where I checked on the database and completed other things that is related to this course where I filled the training form for today.

Wednesday 16th Dec 2009
Today we had to do the peer evaluation for Al Mahara Training center employees to evaluate their performance in the center.

Thursday 17th Dec 2009
Today we didn’t have much work to do because we almost finished and the center will be closed where it is the last day for Al Mahara Center.
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Muna - week 16
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