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 Mooza AlShamsi- Week15

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Mooza AlShamsi

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PostSubject: Mooza AlShamsi- Week15   Mooza AlShamsi- Week15 Icon_minitimeMon Dec 14, 2009 10:59 am

The Weekly Report

Week :15
Name: Mooza Al Shamsi

Sunday: 6 December 2009
• Meet with foundation teachers
• Take my shift at the center
• Work on the database and ask Sharaaf some questions about it
• Check my email and Al Mahara email to know what we will teach foundation students

Monday: 7 December 2009
• I took three hours shifts because my department employees are not available
• Answer some ICDL questions from a teacher from the men college the ask Jawaher to add to it something then to sent it to him by email
• Go with Asma to teach foundation student, then went to miss Nawal to ask her some questions about the foundation student exams.

Wednesday: 9 December 2009
• Check the database with the webmaster
• Did the orientation program for level 3 students
• Prepare for my Thursday foundation session

Thursday: 10 December 2009
• Exanimate foundation students during my training session
• Discus with Mrs Luma different grades issues
• Write the grades f foundation students in excel sheet and send to Mrs Luma by email
• Discus with Mrs Fatimah different grades issues and correct the grades sheet with here
• I missed the managers meeting so Muna told everything they discussed
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Mooza AlShamsi- Week15
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