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 Weekly 1 Report

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Maryam Salem

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PostSubject: Weekly 1 Report   Weekly 1 Report Icon_minitimeFri Sep 11, 2009 8:07 pm

Week 1 Report

Sunday 30 August 2009
It was our first day in college and it was exciting day because I wanted to see my friends in the class, also to see our new teachers. In first day I was tired a little bit because in was Ramadan. However, in our first class Mr. Tariq our BMGN 260, he teaches us about Ethics. Then Mrs. Amal Zeyad class, she teaches us two courses ITEC 319 which is about Al Mahara Training Centre and the other course ITEC 317; this is about Managing Human Resource. However, Mrs. Amal talk to us about Al Mahara Training Centre, she said that the centre will be run us, running a real life training program using our own skills. In this center we will teach some student form the college and some people from outside of the college. The main purpose of the Al Mahara Training Centre is to provide professional development to both trainers and trainees. After that we have Mr. John Stoddar the ITEC 242 the Web Design and Graphic course teacher. He told us that he will teach us about Photoshop cs4 about designing and creating graphics. I like Mr. John course because I like designing and learn more about computers programs.

Monday 31 August 2009
On Monday I was very excited to come to college because I was thinking about Al Mahara Training Centre and about what position that I will choose and also I want to know what we will have to do in training centre. In the first class Mr. Stephan our English teacher came and introduce himself and let us to introduce our self one by one. After his class there was a break and I was waiting impatiently for Mrs. Amal class. However she comes after a break and we all set and talk about the centre. She told us that there are some works that have to be done in this first week. For example, we have to finish the organizational chart and each student should think about the position that she want to be in. Also, decide the layout and the decoration of the room and also decide the logo and slogan for the centre. At the end of the class I was thinking that we have to start working because we have work that have to be done.

Tuesday 1st September 2009
In this day Mrs. Amal come to class for ITEC 317 Managing Human Resource course. I was an interesting course because we discuss about human resource management functions and issues affecting those functions in the business and the need of employee. However, the lesson was easy but I have to work on it there is some difficulty in vocabulary some new word. Also, it will help us in Al Mahara Training Centre and when I will go to work outside the college. After her class I and some student in the class went to the Al Mahara Center to discuss about the layout and the decoration of the room. We decide that the color will be orange and green for the decoration also we decide how the layout will be. After that we were discussing about the organizational chart and I was drawing the chart on the board with writing our position. However my position was Public relation Officer and I choose this position because I like meet people and talk to them and keep touch with them at the end of the day I was thinking about my position and I was exciting, happy and start thinking about some student and people that i will talk to them about Al Mahara centre.
Wednesday 2nd September 2009
In this day we had a reading test for MR. Stephan; it was a little bit difficult. After that there had a test for Ms. Amal about what we take yesterday about managing human resource and I think I did well in the test. At the ITEC 319 Ms. Amal come to our class to see what we did in the Mahara center so for. we told her that I said not all the student write their position and then the organizational chart was complete at the end of the lesson I take the organizational chart was complete at the end of the lesson I take the organizational chart to the home organized and bring it back . Also, Ms. Amal told us to write our job description and the responsibilities of the position and to write business plan.

Thursday 3 September 2009
This day was very excited to me because all the class will work in Al Mahara center. Everybody start cleaning up the room. Some student was moving the tables, some students were doing the decoration of the room and some others was cleaning the cupboard and putting files on books in order. However, I was discussing with marketing manager Jawaher, marketing officer Aisha and costumer serves Shima about making brochure and the design for the papers and about some advertisement that day will do it. However, everybody was busy on this day and everybody had a lot of work to do.
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Weekly 1 Report
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