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 Asma Abudllah.O - weekly report 15

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Asma Abdullah Omer

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Asma Abudllah.O - weekly report 15 Empty
PostSubject: Asma Abudllah.O - weekly report 15   Asma Abudllah.O - weekly report 15 Icon_minitimeSun Dec 13, 2009 12:39 am

Weekly report 15:

1- I called al Tla’a school and Ishbelya school to remind them about the payment
2- As am member of marketing department i took the advertisement sheet of the al Mahara to Mr Stephan to check the spelling.
3- I trained some employees of al Mahara to use binding machine
4- I work on the Mahara project
1- Al Mahara Training center awarded me by giving me certificate about working hardly on making badges for nationality day which that encourage me to work more.
2- I had first class of teaching Access students in the college from 2:00 to 3:00
3- I explain for them what is happened and I will teach them for 2 weeks. Then I let them to do more practices on typing because the exam will be on Wednesday
4- There was problem which is some student cant open the program which is Master Typing then I went to Ms Hajer to help me, she was so helpful and kind to teach me how to solve the problem by copy the program to C drive of each student
1- I prepared to the orientation for IA level 3 who will manage al Mahara training center next year
2- Me and my group discussed to create something new and creativity for their orientation
3- We printed the handout, prepared game, did the presentation slides and practices twice
4- I had meeting with Ms Luma about Access students we swap the class on next day at 1:00 only this week
1- We met all the member to discussed about the training hours of each member of us
2- We faced problem which is shortage in computers for al Tamkeen students then me and Maryam Omran harry to solve it by organized our class for them and offer our laptops with charger
3- We had orientation at 2:30 to 4 students from level 3, it was interesting to tell them all information about al Mahara center . Very Happy
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Asma Abudllah.O - weekly report 15
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