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 Week 15 Report

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Week 15 Report Empty
PostSubject: Week 15 Report   Week 15 Report Icon_minitimeSat Dec 12, 2009 10:43 pm

Week 15 Report

Sunday 6/12/2009

The teacher of Diploma foundation is in her maternity leave, me and Sharaaf replaced her position. Today was Sharaaf turn to teach them word program and my role was to walk around and help students if they have questions.
• I sent email to Abu Dhabi video conference if it possible to attend it tomorrow from 12 to 1.

Monday 7/12/2009

• Today was my turn to teach Diploma students one hour session. I took the attendance and told for the students who were absent yesterday to contact their classmates to catch up the previous lesson.
• I taught them how to create table and format it. Also, how to format a paragraph.
• Receive call from a customer who has some comments on the logo that we created for her and she wanted from us to make some changes on it.
• Receive an email from Abu Dhabi that they will not attend the video conference today from 12 to 1 pm.
• I told one of the AMTC students to inform the G.M about the video conference.

Wednesday 9/12/2009

• Today we delivered an orientation session for level3 IA students to prepare them for the next year as they will reopen AMTC and start work in it.
• I explained for them about the general manager responsibilities and chain of command and about the HR department’s mission, goals and jobs.
• Also, I gave them some comments at the end when they played the roles of customer, customer service officer, technical support and accountant.
• Eventually, I answered some of their questions about this course.
• For the next hour, I received a call from Sharjah Theaters (Qasser Al Thakafa). The secretary of the Director asked me to arrange a day for all students who trained the employees of their organization because the Director wants to meet with them.
• I told that for the training manager so she can look in the training schedule to choose a suitable day for their meeting with the Director of Sharjah theaters.

Thursday 10/12/2009

• As Sharaaf taught the Diploma foundation today, I helped students to follow what sharaaf was toughing them and to check their work.
• Then we went to Hajar the teacher of foundation sections and asked her questions about Diploma foundation class.
• The training manager told me to inform the secretary of Sharjah Theaters that the students will come for meeting on Sunday 20 December. I decided to send email on Sunday
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Week 15 Report
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