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 Jumanah Saeed- week 12

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Jumanah Saeed

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Jumanah Saeed- week 12 Empty
PostSubject: Jumanah Saeed- week 12   Jumanah Saeed- week 12 Icon_minitimeSun Nov 22, 2009 12:50 pm

Weekly Report 12

Jumanah Saeed

• I attend a training session for Mariam Salem in Smart board. It was useful session for me. I learnt how to use Smart board better than before and learnt new things such as how to format smart board, insert shapes and change color.
• I organize the material of all my session that I did and I put it in my file.
• I type the schedule for Al Tamkeen Group which Mariam Saeed about each department should handle Al Temkeen Group and she asked me to enter it in the computer.
• I usually update trainer session in the schedule, send copy to my teacher and then up date it the G drive.
• I had a training session in MS PowerPoint for IT Trainer level 3 student. in this day, I was tired and I had strong headache so I leave the college after the session. When I finished my session, I was upset because I feel that I did bad in my session but at second day my teacher gave me my grade and feedback about my session. I was happy about my grade and I will try to improve myself in the next time.
• I prepared the training schedule for the next week and update it in the G drive.
• I spoke with Nina to pick a lab for Al Tamkeen Group for this week and next week.
• Me and Asma Abdul Rahman collect from all employees 5 Dhs to buy food and drink for Al Tamkeen Group. Me and Maha ordered the food and reserve table for them.
• When Al Tamkeen group finished their break, my responsible was to take them to their class. I introduce myself to them, chat with them until we arrived to the class and I set for 15 minutes where Maha was give them the session.
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Jumanah Saeed- week 12
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