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 Week 2 report

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PostSubject: Week 2 report   Week 2 report Icon_minitimeFri Sep 11, 2009 1:45 am

Weekly Report 2

Sunday 6/9/2009

Today our CEO sent to us a memo to remind us what should we finalize. Every one took a responsibility to finish at least one task. I chose to laminate and post the staff extension list. Also, she gave us an assessment which contains an application form, CV and job interview.

Monday 7/9/2009

Our CEO suggest to meet and discuss about mission statement and slogan. We correct the mission and we voted for the best slogan. Then we went to Al Mahara Center and continue our work. My department team decided about the mission and goals for marketing department. Also, I worked on the quotes that we will posted on our center.

Tuesday 8/9/2009

In this day me and my group went to E- business block to learn how to bind and laminate. Also, I went to Nina to take Telephone list and laminate it

Wednesday 9/9/2009

We Worked on the continents of guest book and print them. We Showed the mission and goals for marketing department to the CEO and edited them. After that I sent the mission statement to Asma Abdul Rahman who in charge of organizing the mission statement of all departments. Before we leave the college our CEO told us to vote for our new general manager on a paper and she will inform us tomorrow what is the vote result.

Thursday 10/9/2009

Today was a busy day. Firstly, we revoted our general manager because the vote results were equal between two candidates Mariam Saeed and Sharaf, but again the last vote was the same as before. Then our CEO decided that Mariam Saeed will be the general manager and Sharaf will assist her. After a while the CEO told us that she sent to us an email which contains the sample of job description and application form that need to be filled out. Also, she changed the job interview deadline to Sunday. After that, the new manager held a meeting and I was in charge to write the minutes for the meeting. The G.M discussed several work that did not finish yet such as questionnaire, guestbook, posters and website. During the discussion she selected some girls to do these works. Next I went to Al Mahara with my Marketing manager and we started to print the quotes and laminate them. Then I placed the telephone list on the reception table near to the telephone. Finally, I learned how to scan from the technician. Then I typed the steps of scanning and hanged it on the board .
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Week 2 report
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