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 Week12 Report

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PostSubject: Week12 Report   Week12 Report Icon_minitimeSat Nov 21, 2009 6:04 pm

Week 12 Report

Sunday 15/11/2009

• I had a training session in Dreamweaver program which I was delivered to IA students level 3.
• There were 7 students and I taught them on basics of designing a website and then answered their questions.
• After the session I organized all prepares that related to Dreamweaver session on my file and also I put it in the G drive.

Monday 16/11/2009

• Filled a request form for a customer who wanted to scan a book, so I carried on to do the service with a help from my classmate Aisha, then I called the customer to pick her book and the scanned document.
• I translated the article with Asma Al Shamsi of Al Kaleej newspaper which was about the cooperation between Sharjah Theaters and AMTC.
• After we have finished I went to show Mis Amal and Mr. Stephan who pointed out some mistakes that I should correct them in the article.
• Then I trained foundation students on Photoshop, I taught them how to use basic tools and save the edited image.

Wednesday 18/11/2009

• Replied at emails from two teachers who wanted to come to our center in order to help them in ICDL practice.
• I corrected the mistakes in the article, but I did not have a chance to send it for Mis Amal because I had a session on Smart board in the next hour.
• I trained a group of our class in some basics and tools of Smart board technology.

Thursday 19/11/2009

• Welcomed the two teachers who wanted help in Excel and Word program for their ICDL exam and I called Mooza to help the second teacher as she took the word exam in ICDL, but the first teacher forgot her laptop which has the XP version, so she decided to come again on Sunday.
• Sent an email for Mis Amal which included the translated article and the scanned newspaper article.
• Welcomed and had a discussion with a teacher who asked us to write a paragraph about the newspaper designing that we have done for her, so this paragraph will be in the portal as advertisement and to show from where that newspaper was published. Also, she gave me ideas about cards designing, so I told the marketing manager about this.
• Sent emails for Nawal and Hajar which was about attending some of their classes next week as we will teach foundation students instead of their teachers. Unfortunately they replied that some of their classes will be typing test exam and others for English exams.
• Answered a call from Mis Amal who wanted to write a note about returning the badge machine to the library on Wednesday.
• I attended a session on Photoshop which was conducted by Mooza, I learned more advanced features for image editing.
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Week12 Report
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