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 Mariam Omran Week 12

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Mariam Omran

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PostSubject: Mariam Omran Week 12   Mariam Omran Week 12 Icon_minitimeThu Nov 19, 2009 5:24 pm

Weekly Report:
Week 12:
In Sunday, I want to al Noof high school and teach 3 teachers about Movie Maker for 2 hours I explain the main important point they need to know and answer all the questions which they face it while the applying the program. It was the last day in their school they give me a certificate to thanks me about my all effort which I provide their teachers and for the school in general.
In Monday, I was absent.
In Wednesday , I set in my shift from 2 to 4 and I welcome the Al Tamkeen
Group. Also, we let them have a seat to know their names and speak with them about what training they need to focus in it. Then I signature all the papers of AMTC Invoice. I prepared the handout which I will delivery . I called 100 to send someone to fix the cables.
In Thursday, I attend my shift from 8 to 9:30 during these time all managers meet with the general manger to discuses about many issues.
I inform each student to pay 5 DHS for the breakfast for the Al Tamkeen group then I want out and waiting for the Al Tamkeen groups because in each Thursday administration department will be responsible for them to welcome them and guide them to the room which they will be their session and will be responsible for the rest of the day . I give for the Al Tamkeen group a session about the word. First I take them from the bus to the room which it was be in Library LG04 after I was finish the session I take them to I building to have their brake fast after that we retune back to the library to complete the next session.
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Mariam Omran Week 12
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