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 Jumanah Saeed- Week 12

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Jumanah Saeed

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Jumanah Saeed- Week 12 Empty
PostSubject: Jumanah Saeed- Week 12   Jumanah Saeed- Week 12 Icon_minitimeSun Nov 15, 2009 1:18 pm

Weekly Report 11

Jumanah Saeed

• I had a training outside the college in Intangible Heritage House for 3 employees. I want there with Mariam Saeed for three days. The first day was on Sunday and we taught them some tools of Photoshop program. The second day was on Monday and we taught them Windows Movie Maker. On Thursday, we taught them advanced Photoshop and they were interested in the session. They thanks us at the last days because they learn new things and they had chance to use these programs that the can benefits from them in their work. In addition, we took pictures for the place and the for the employees there. I put the image in the G derive under pictures.
• I had training session in Tuesday with level 2 student in Photoshop. I taught her how to use Photoshop tools, she was happy because she learnt new things.
• I usually update training schedule in the G drive and sent it to my teacher.
• I prepared the training schedule for the next week and update it in the G drive
• I attend a training session for Moze in MS OneNote because I never used this program before. She taught us how to use MS OneNote and I interested in the session and I learnt new things
• I set with Hanan to organize the accounting and I explained for her how to put total of the services and training session in one excel sheet.
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Jumanah Saeed- Week 12
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