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 Week 11 report

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Maryam Salem

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Week 11 report Empty
PostSubject: Week 11 report   Week 11 report Icon_minitimeSat Nov 14, 2009 3:54 pm

Week 11 Report

Name: Maryam Salem ID: H00049809

Sunday 8 November 2009
On this day I read the new AMTC roles for the student. Also, I make every student sign on the new AMTC roles so everybody will be responsible from now on. However I make new form for the student who went outside the college and I write notes that the student must sign the form after they come from outside. I write in the white board in the AMTC and class the name of the student that must be in AMTC and I write it every hour everyday so everybody knows where they should be.

Monday 9 November 2009
Today I have session from 2pm to 3pm so in the first hour I take the attendance then I went to AMTC to help some student in making new binders for the weekly report. And make sure that the students who should be in AMTC are there. And then I work on the manual. I give the session for Asma Abdul Rahman about excel.

Wednesday 11 November 2009
In this day I was quite excited because I have to attend session for smart board and I was excited and happy about it because I really want to know how to use smart board. So in the first hour of AMTC I wrote students name how should be in AMTC and then Jawaher Marketing manager said that she will but the brochures on the cars and to distribute it to the bus drivers but we have to take permission from Mr. Ali Yamak Finance and Administaration supervisor. So Sharaaf GM calls him and takes his permission and he agreed and he said that he went to a copy of brochures. However I take the copy of the brochures for Mr. Ali. Then me, Sharaaf and Shaima went to the smart board session and it was very use full for me and I learn many things from this session.

Thursday 12November 2009
In this day I was absent because I had an appointment.
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Week 11 report
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