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 Week 11 Report

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PostSubject: Week 11 Report   Week 11 Report Icon_minitimeFri Nov 13, 2009 2:51 am

Week 11 Report

Sunday 8/11/2009

• Sent email to Mr. Mohammed Bin Jarash and informed him that we will send a trainer on Thursday to submit a feedback report of his employees performance and training sessions details for each employee
• Checked with Muna how is the feedback report is going on and helped her to translate into Arabic
• Filled a service request form for our course teacher about photocopying AMTC newspaper articles
• In the AMTC database I entered in problem section that the telephone voice volume is low and need to be changed or fixed.

Monday 9/11/2009

• I have attended a photoshop session with Jawaher, I learned how to change the countenance of the face and add some features on it.
• I scanned, photocopy and laminated the newspaper articles about Al Mahara Training Center and handed to our course teacher.
• I went with Muna in order to help her to train teachers in a school in Dreamweaver program
• I distributed handouts and feedback form and I assisted her to translate some English words in Dreamweaver to Arabic so that the teachers will understand better.
• When we came back I signed on attendance sheets.
• Sent an email to the girls who will attend a smart board session

Wednesday 11/11/2009

• The first 10 minutes I sent an email to a teacher to make sure if she still sure with her plan to have another session in OneNote today at 3 clock, after she accepted I replied to her and included the class number.
• I attended a session on OneNote program which was conducted by Mooza
• I learned from this session how to create sections and pages. Also, how insert pictures, documents and hyperlinks. Lastly how to share our notes with others.
• After this session, I attended another session in Smart board, I have learnt a new technology which will allow the trainers explain computer programs by just touching on a board.

Thursday 12/11/2009

• I helped Muna to fix the PC that I used to work on it
• Then I started to check and reply at emails
• One teacher who wanted two sessions for her students in Movie Maker and Photoshop send email including day and time, so I replied that we have arranged the sessions and trainers for her class with the approval from the training manager.
• Then I prepared the Dreamweaver handouts and exercise papers by photocopying them in order to get ready for the session on Dreamweaver
• After that I attended a session in Flash program which was delivered by Muna, I learned how to draw a shape and make it as an animation picture.
• Next I went to the class that I supposed to train in, but I it was canceled because some trainees were busy and they apologized of not attending this session
The second reason was that my classmate Aisha told me in the same time that some girls would like to have a Dreamweaver session before the time of Al Mahara starts, and there is no trainers who wanted to train in their break except me ,so I can train a group of trainees in Dreamweaver one time rather than two times as I want to change my choice of training programs.
• I went back to our center and I asked my department colleagues what happened when I was away, the Marketing officer told me that a customer called at our center and requested designing a logo, then I took her number from the officer in purpose to contact her later.
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Week 11 Report
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