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 Mooza AlShamsi- Week10

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Mooza AlShamsi

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The Weekly Report
Week :10
Name: Mooza Al Shamsi

Sunday: 1st November 2009
• Attend the center meeting and discuses my opinion about different issues.
• Right my department shift schedule with the HR manager.
• Submit the weekly report.
• Show Jumanah and tell her about the scheduler job and duties.
• Prepare the handouts and the lessons plan for my Movie Maker training. session which will be on Monday after knowing that Maha is sick and she will not be able to do the training.

Monday: 2nd November 2009
• Ask the administration department to provide the center with A4 paper
• Attend Sharaaf Access training session and ask my department members to attend as it will be very useful for them.
• Copy the handouts and the feedback forms for the session
• Present Movie Maker training session
• Give the training department my session feedback summary

Wednesday: 4th November 2009
• Make sure that there is somebody from the IT department is in the center
• Ask my department members to upload their old job description in the G drive
• Look at the old IT department manager job description to now my duties and Ask sharaaf to prepare a meeting with to learn more about my new position her as she was the IT department manager .
• Prepare for my Movie Maker session which I will present for my class colleagues.

Thursday: 5th November 2009
• Ask Alya to fix the copier machine.
• Make sure that my department members will be in their shifts
• Conduct a Windows Movie Maker training session for my colleagues as they ask me to do.
• Give the training department my session feedback summary
• Meet with Sharaaf to tell what I have to do as an IT department manager because she was the previous manager.
• Attend Outlook training session
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Mooza AlShamsi- Week10
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