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 Week 10 Report

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Week 10 Report Empty
PostSubject: Week 10 Report   Week 10 Report Icon_minitimeSat Nov 07, 2009 8:12 pm

Week 10 Report

Sunday 1/11/2009

• Sent for Jawaher an email that included information of AMTC and its opening hours which will be sent for all college’s students and faculty.
• The new general manager met and notified us her new rules. For our department she focused to work more on our marketing strategy to let the college know about the AMTC.
• Then the marketing department manager told me to prepare brochures in order to distribute them to students and staff and I pointed out to put note on the brochures in the AMTC that these brochures for training sessions.

Monday 2/11/2009

• I sent an email to Mr. Mohammed to thank him for inviting Muna and Jawaher. Then I asked him to provide us with some information for brochure and website that our center will design these for his organization.
• Also, I sent emails to John and Nawal the teachers of Comp 100 and asked them to arrange for us classes in order to begin train their students.
• I helped Mooza in organizing handouts for her session in Movie Maker.
• I asked for a customer by email to come and check the work that has been done for her request.
• Answered a call from a staff who is working in Sharjah Theatres organizaiton and he wanted to conduct an interview with the G.M, the G.M was in training session and Mariam the training manger wanted to handle this call, so I gave and told her to tell him that we are waiting for the approval to do the interview.
• I told the training manager about an email that was sent by our course teacher who asked to schedule 2 PowerPoint sessions for next week Wednesday 11th November at 2:00 – 4:00 for IA students level 3.

Wednesday 4/11/2009

• Sent an email to Mr. Basel the teacher of Comp 100 to ask him if he wants sessions in Microsoft Office for his students.
• Sent a confirmation email for a teacher that one of the trainers will train her students in Movie Maker tomorrow.
• Replied back and apologized to a customer who wanted to add articles to the poster which includes games and pictures by saying to her that there is no space for the articles, but we did not want to make her disappointed, so we told her it is better to keep the articles for another issue.
• I organized pictures, brochure and poster in one folder in order to send it to the one of staff of Sharjah Theaters so that he will resend it to the newspaper.

Thursday 5/11/2009

• In the first hour I delivered an individual session in Dreamweaver program, I gave for the trainee a game to differentiate between bad and good website then I explained the steps of using this program after that I gave an exercise to test the trainee understanding.
• In the next hour it was my shift in AMTC, I checked emails and replied at them as usual and also I wrote emails that our classmates requested from me in order to confirm with the teachers that the trainers will train their students next week.
• The following hour I helped My manager to prepare brochures.
• Also, I answered a call from a teacher who wanted a training session on Smart board and I replied to her that once we are prepared for this training we will let her know.
• The last hour I attended a session about Outlook which conducted by one of my classmates. I benefited from this session, I learned how to set an appointment and create a reminder and add attendees for it .
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Week 10 Report
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