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 Sharaaf Al Mahri _ wwek 10

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Sharaaf Al Mahri

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Sharaaf Al Mahri

Week 10 report
1st November Sunday
• I met with miss Amal. She explain to me what should I do as a GM
• I met with AMTC members and we discussed many things.
• I called students who are outside for training sessions (Alya & Asmaa Al buloshi) & (Asmaa Hussen & Assma bIn Omer & Maryam Omran)
• Then I met also with the managers, with the HR manger about the shaft schedule, with IT Training manager about the manual and IT about the new database and Marketing about new strategic plan for marketing
2 November Monday
• I did two group sessions, one in Photoshop for 8 health students and another in Access for our class students
• I met with old GM and old HR manger, and we discussed that they should submit what they did.
• I met with HR manger about the new rules for the attendants
• We get a call from Mr. Eslam from Culture Place for interview, I and Mouna did the interview . All of his questions about how we contact with Culture Place members and how we train them
4 November Wednesday
• I did training sessions for a group on the Photoshop program
• I attended with Assmaa AL Bloooshi on the PowerPoint
5 November Thursday
• I did training sessions for one engineering student on the Photoshop program
• I met with the IT Manager for explaining the new style for AMTC database
• I attended with Mooza session on the Movie Maker
• I met with Miss Amal and HR manger to discuss the polices of attendants
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Sharaaf Al Mahri _ wwek 10
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