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 Asma Abudllah.O - weekly report 10

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Asma Abdullah Omer

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Asma Abudllah.O - weekly report 10 Empty
PostSubject: Asma Abudllah.O - weekly report 10   Asma Abudllah.O - weekly report 10 Icon_minitimeThu Nov 05, 2009 12:53 pm

Weekly Report 10:

1- Me, Maryam Omran and Asma Hassan went to eshpelyah secondary school to train the teachers Photoshop program.
2- My lesson start at 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm, I trained 7 teachers which all of them have their laptops except one so we gave them one of the our laptop
3- They was pleased and interest to my lesson and they told they really learn useful information.
4- One of the teacher there whom teach science subject request me to design for her logo for her which the logo related to science.
5- I gave them exercise and let them one week to solve it because our second train is next week

1- I design to the science teacher three logos and I send it to her
2- I attend Access session which Sharaf is the trainer
3- I organized to me groups to train them which the scheduler told me to tell Nina about the class room in Wednesday at 2:00 to 3:00
4- I booked to train IA level 3 Power point next week
5- I booked to train other teacher Photoshop in eshpelyah school

1- I prepared to training group in Ishpelyah school but the manager of the training department change the schedule.
2- I had training an individual which I trained Jumana sead on Photoshop program .

1- I had shift from 8:00 to 9:00 in al Mahara Training Center
2- I organized my folder and printed divider papers
3- Analysis my feedback and summary
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Asma Abudllah.O - weekly report 10
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