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 Week9 report-Aisha

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PostSubject: Week9 report-Aisha   Week9 report-Aisha Icon_minitimeSun Nov 01, 2009 1:16 pm

Name: Aisha Abdulla Al Ali ID: H00057281
Sunday 25th of October 2009
In this day I did the hand out of noodle tools with Hanan and Asma. I printed the hand out and made copy for the training session and Maryam Salam and Zulakah helped me. I also gave to foundation students session and Moza evaluated me and Shaima was with me. Moreover, I do the feedback for the session and I made lesson plan and lesson delivery. In addition, I made ice break and question for my session. I also, explained the session for 1 hour. Then, I put my feedback in the training session file. Finally, I put handout, feedback, ice break, question, lesson plan and delivery in my file in AMTC.

Monday 26th of October 2009
Today the marketing manager (Jawaher) and me sat in the AMTC and I helped her in photocopy her handout and feedback and I checked the email of AMTC. In addition, I took lesson in Noodle Tools with some student from my class and Jawaher gave us the session.

Wednesday 28st of October 2009
In this day I sat in AMTC and checked the email and the calls. Me and Jawaher also received the worked from miss Suzan to do scanner for the pictures and poster. When I do the scanning the scenic was damage so I tell Asma to call the technician to repair it. I also gave my first feedback to Alia. Also, we made meeting in the class and each of us change their position, so I choose trainer.

Thursday 29nd of October 2009
In this day I worked in scanning pictures for poster which miss Suzan gave us yesterday and gave it to Jawaher to do poster. Also, I checked the email and I told Moza that I like to do training session next week in movie maker or power point. Also, I checked spelling with Shaima. Also, I told Shaima to told Hanan to called the Technician to repair the scanner. Moreover, I saw miss Fahima and we was happy in this day because we made meeting with her and tell her about AMTC.
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Week9 report-Aisha
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