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 week 9 Report

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PostSubject: week 9 Report   week 9 Report Icon_minitimeSat Oct 31, 2009 2:47 am

Week 9 Report

Sunday 25/10/2009

• My shift was at 11 clock and during this hour I checked and sent emails.
• I sent email to Mis Maired to remind her that I will train her students tomorrow from 1 to 3.
• Before I attend Aisha’s session as an assistant, I told to my department’s staff to write an email for the teacher who requested a Photoshop session to let her know that this session was canceled because she gave us another teacher class by mistake.
• Then I went with Aisha to assist her in her session about noodle tools.
• I distributed handouts and exercise sheets.
• When I came back my department staff told me that that teacher apologized to us and she substituted this session to another day, so I told the secular to set this session as the teacher wanted.

Monday 26/10/2009

• I changed my shift with Mariam Salem because she wanted to attend the OneNote session and because in the next 2 hours I had a session.
• After that I went to train Diploma Foundation students on Movie Maker, my instructor attended to evaluate the session.
• The first hour I showed them a clip about Movie Maker to give them an idea about this program and make them excited before I start the session.
• Then I explained to them the interface and other features in this programs.
• After that I distributed exercise sheets for the students to test their understanding.
• The second hour I completed to train them on other features that they can use it on pictures and videos.
• In this hour the training manager attended to evaluate my performance.
• The students were so excited to learn these features in specific and the program in general and they asked a lot of questions and I answered them patiently.
• As they are Diploma students and their learning speed is low I could not finish the last two parts and I managed with their teacher to have another one hour to complete the last bit of this program. 

Wednesday 28/10/2009

• At 2 pm I went to train the same section which I trained them on Monday to complete last steps of movie maker program.
• I revised with them what we did last session and then I started to teach them how to record their voice and save their work.
• Next, I gave them another exercise and help them to do it.
• Before I leave I distributed the trainer evaluation form sheets and also I talked about AMTC, its services and where its location, so if they have any question or if they want to learn a new program to come to our center.
• Then I asked the teacher if she knows any teacher that want her students to be trained in Movie Maker. She gave me an email address for one teacher.
• when I came back to AMTC I asked from Jawaher to send an email for this teacher saying that we offer a movie maker program for her students, if she wants inform her to sent us some details.

Thursday 29/10/2009

• On morning I started to check emails
• The teacher who we sent her an email about Movie Maker sessions yesterday replied and she accepted our offer of and she wanted to train two of her sections. she included all details about when, where and the number of students, so contacted with the training manager and arranged the session.
• The G.M asked me to send an email to humanity services center in order to conduct a meeting with its employees to know their needs of Software programs.
• I answered a phone call from a school and one teacher represented what other teachers want
• Then she gave me the date and time depending on our opening hours in order to train them in Photoshop for next week.
• Also, I asked her the important details such as number of teachers, availability of laptops and software.
• After that I told the training manager about this so she managed with the scheduler who will train these teachers.
• One teacher asked by email a PowerPoint session for her class and I told the training manager if anybody wants to train this program , she assigned one trainer to do 2 hours session.
• I chose to be a public relation officer when the time of rotating the job comes, but many girls and the new G.M for the next week told me that you are suitable for the customer service position. Also, I feel that I am handling emails load and replying back which almost nobody of the employees wanted to do this, thus I changed to be the customer service officer again.
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week 9 Report
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