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 Maraim Omran week 9

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Mariam Omran

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PostSubject: Maraim Omran week 9   Maraim Omran week 9 Icon_minitimeThu Oct 29, 2009 5:12 pm

Weekly Report:
Week 9:
In Sunday me and sharaf and Asma Abdullah Omr visit Sharjah Thearters Group (STG)
In sharjah we meet with Mohammed bin jarash the head office of Sharjah Thearters Group (STG) We discuss many important point such the survey and how and will we will start the training session with the employees .
Also, I meet with two employees which I see in which area they need to improve their skill in it , both of them need two improve their skills in Microsoft word specially and rest of the Microsoft Office.
I make sure that the new tray layers label ready which are cheating and training form.
Set in my shift between 12 to 1 and 1 to 2 my partner jumanah have session outside the college so I decided to put moza in her shift.
Meet with all employees to discuss and found a solution for how we can guide our self without go back to anyone less on the college.
In Wednesday We decide to change our position we and meet to organize this issues and I choose the same position which is administration manager .
As usual I set in my shift for half hour after that I worked in my handout because in Thursday I have session in Sharjah Thearters Group (STG) and take the rest of the class in the lesson plan.
In Thursday I was absent first class after that I want to Thearters Group (STG) with my partner Eman and Asma Abdurrahman. I got 2 hours session with one of their employee and her name is Mona Abdullah I start with her with the basic Microsoft Word program which it involve:
How to use quick access toolbar.
How to create new document.
How Working on Multiple Documents
How to change the formatting text.
How to format the paragraph.
How to create Hyperlink.
How to insert , draw and format the tables.
I interest to teach her and I put all my effort to let her learn and practices what I maintain it above to success in her job.
Overall is 2 session will be like experience to me because this is the first time and teach outside the college and deal with an external customer.
Finally about the position I am the administration manger.

Mariam Omran Al Shamsi
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Maraim Omran week 9
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