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 Week 8- Jawaher Moahmed

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Jawaher AlMulla

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Week 8- Jawaher Moahmed Empty
PostSubject: Week 8- Jawaher Moahmed   Week 8- Jawaher Moahmed Icon_minitimeSun Oct 25, 2009 2:27 pm

Name: Jawaher Mohamed, ID:H00051151
The weekly report (week 8 )

Sunday 18th October
I was absent at this day. So I just kept in contact with my colleagues through the phone.

Monday 19th October
This day we officially started working in almahara center. I gave my staff jobs to do and I kept them busy all the time. I worked on the email that's going to be sent to the students and I also kept in touch with the customer service and helped them on writing the emails and answering the phone.

Tuesday 20th October
We didn't have classes this day but I were in charge of evaluating Noura for the session that she gave for the foundation students about Microsoft word. I evaluated her and also learned for myself what to do and what not to do when giving my session and since the hour was taken from our breaks I’ll have to deduct one hour of almahara classes.

Wednesday 21th October
I started the day at almahara training center finishing the poster that was requested by Mrs. Susan after awhile she came to the center and I showed her the printed version of the poster, she liked it a lot and made some suggestions for it. At the end she gave us the cost and left, tomorrow we are going to print 19 copies of it and laminate it. Also I made the certificate for employee of the week that was requested by the HR manager. Finally the general manager held a meeting for the department managers and talked about several things like what services each department should be responsible for and how should each manager make a schedule of the time the staff in their departments would be available in almahara. She also explained the memo and how we should use it and finally talked about the new role of training which says that each week a specific software will be trained on to make it easier for girls to train and not scare away customers.

Thursday 22nd October
A long day this day was, I started at the amt center changing some of the things that Mrs. Susan asked for her poster and then finalized it and started printing it. First I printed 4 colored ones and then I used the photocopier to do the black and white ones 14 paper. The girls helped me with the lamination and at 11 clock I finished the work and with Mariam Salem I went to put the work in her desk and left a note saying thank you. I also helped in writing the emails to the customers and organized my staff like where they should be and what they should do. I tried to fix the email that's going to be sent to all the students but the poster wasn't shown to Mrs. Amal.
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Week 8- Jawaher Moahmed
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