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 Week 8 - Noura Habib

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Noura Habib

Noura Habib

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Week 8 - Noura Habib Empty
PostSubject: Week 8 - Noura Habib   Week 8 - Noura Habib Icon_minitimeSun Oct 25, 2009 2:03 pm

In this week I started my job as a trainer, where I have to go and train students. In Sunday and Monday some of my colleagues trained foundation students about formatting text in Microsoft word office and when I asked them about how the sessions were they told me it were good and they were happy. In addition, I attend Muna and Shima session in Dreamweaver.

However, I was worry about my session that I have deliver in Tuesday about formatting text in MS word. I prepared very well for this session by prepare a lesson plan, presentation slides , ice breaker, feedback sheets and I practice many times. The students that I have to teach them where, Miss Hajer students and they are 22 students. My session have started at 2 pm and finished at 2:45 pm and my colleague Mariam Omran was my assistant . Miss Amal was there to evaluate me and the marketing manager also. Also, there was one of the faculty that come to see how the quality of AMTC trainers, because he may deal with us and be one of our clients and he said that the lesson was good and he learned new things. In the beginning of the session I was nervous, but then I come down because the students were very helpful. I explained all the main points and all the students understood them and they do the exercise. In end of the session me and Mariam distribute the feedback sheets to allow the students to evaluate me. When I asked Miss Amal about my perform in the session she said “ it was good, but she have some comments that she liked to discussed with me later to improve my skills”.

In Wednesday and Thursday my hands were busy in divided and organized the training session files, where we the Training department decided to make for each student a file with her name and divided according to the lessons number.
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Week 8 - Noura Habib
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