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 Jumanah Saeed- Week8

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Jumanah Saeed

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Jumanah Saeed

Weekly Report 8

• I showed one of the employee how to use the photocopier machine.
• I printed out the material that I needs for my training session
• I had a training session for Diploma students. I prepared well for the session by printing the materials that I need such as handout, exercise, ice breaker, training evaluate form and some AMTC brochures to take it with me to give the students. At the beginning, I was nervous but when I started train them I feel better. First, I started with them the ice breaker and then I explained the lessen for them. After that I give them the exercise sheet and then I did it with them. I was happy because most of the students was satisfied of my training and I had a good result in my training feedback form. I got the feedback from training manager and I will try to be better in the next session
• I entered the purchases and services form in the AMTC Database every day when we have AMTC classes.
• I brought moneybox and collected the revenue to save it.
• I wrote the invoice sheet, printed it out and give my manager to check and sign the invoice sheet. After that, I put the invoice on administration folder under Accountant section.
• I checked that the money on the moneybox is matching the invoice sheet and there was 10 Dhs more than the total. I asked the employee to find out the 10 Dhs is for what until I know if for customer who request services and she will come later to take it, so one of the employee save the purchase and services form until she came. Then I wrote note with me to remember to enter the purchase and service form when the customer received the services.
• I worked at TNA questionnaire for Mr. Mohammed and some schools that the students will visit nest week to conduct their needs of use of some program.
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Jumanah Saeed- Week8
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