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 Week 8 Report

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Week 8 Report Empty
PostSubject: Week 8 Report   Week 8 Report Icon_minitimeSun Oct 25, 2009 12:05 am

Week 8 Report

Sunday 18/10/2009
• Today was the first day to start working in AMTC after the opening.
• As a part of my job is to handle AMTC’s emails, I stayed in the center and checked emails, there was two emails from two teachers, the first one wanted to train her students on Photoshop and the another teacher requested a movie maker session for herself.
• I arranged with the scheduler about when and where the session will be and who will train them.
• After scheduling the sessions I went back to inform those teachers about the day and date of the training.
• At 1 clock me and my college Muna trained our classmates on Dreamweaver program, my part took half an hour to explain basic features such as planning a website, ability to create, add and change table and page properties and inserting hyperlinks.

Monday 19/10/2009

• I trained two employee of marketing department Aisha and Mariam on handling AMTC’s emails in case if I am away they will take my place.
• I showed them some samples of what I wrote when I replied back to clients. Also, I told them they have to contact the scheduler to arrange training session for whoever requested it.
• Then I checked voice email with Aisha and there was a customer who left her name and mobile number, so I helped Mariam what to say when she called that customer, after calling her I sent an email to her including our opining hours and program courses.
• I sent an email to Mr. Mohammed the Director of Sharjah theatres who attended the opening, I thanked him and included in the email the programs and opening hours in order to arrange for us training sessions with his employees.
• A teacher came to our center and she wanted to organize articles in A3 paper I filled a form of her request then I delegated this job to Jawaher.
• My manager asked me to change the signature of AMTC in the email to Al Mahara Team as Mr. Stephan recommended that. I edited the signature from emails options.

Wednesday 21/10/2009

• I checked emails and I saw an email from Mr. Mohammed relying to us that he is inviting us to come to his organization to know their employees needs and arrange sessions for them.
• I inform the G.M to tell the CEO about what Mr. Mohammed said in his email.
• After that two customers came to us and requested a design for the PowerPoint slides with some animations and sounds.
• I filled their request in a form and I wrote down their preference of the design such as type, size colour of font and layout of the slides.
• I delegated this service to myself, Asma Abdul Rhaman and Muna.
• Another two customers came and requested binding service for their book, I asked from Mariam Salem to handle this service then I filled two service forms and put it in accountant check tray.
• I sent an email to a teacher who wanted a movie maker session reminding her that she will have this session tomorrow from 8 to 10.
• I informed Aisha to take my place from 8 to 9 because I have a training session on this time.

Thursday 22/10/2009

• On morning I prepared handouts for my session on movie maker which I delivered it to a teacher. My session was only one hour and in this period I taught her the basics of movie maker program. I explained to her the interface of this program, how to import video, audio and pictures and how to control the video voice by demonstrating, presenting a power point slides and gave her a handout to help her understand better. Lastly I gave her an exercise to do it in 15 minutes and then I checked her work and gave her a trainer evaluation form to fill it out.
• Then I checked with Aisha how is the work went with emails. She told me that Jawaher and Muna helped her to reply to some customers and there wasn’t any voice mail.
• I worked on PowerPoint’s animations, shapes and sounds of yesterday customers.
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Week 8 Report
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