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 Asma Abudllah.O - weekly report 8

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Asma Abdullah Omer

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Asma Abudllah.O - weekly report 8 Empty
PostSubject: Asma Abudllah.O - weekly report 8   Asma Abudllah.O - weekly report 8 Icon_minitimeThu Oct 22, 2009 7:12 pm

Weekly Report 8:

1- I took shift from 8:00am to 9:00 in al Mahara center to doing the binding service for the customers.
2- I was the first customer to al Mahara center which I required colored document and lamination one paper.
3- I worked hard to complete Photoshop manual which I added advanced lessons, and I showed to Ms. Amal Zyaed.
1- I read some books about the Photoshop program to reach the manual
2- The scheduler organized the session which jumana will teach the diploma section 10 formatting the in Microsoft word and I was there with jumana to help her to distribute the handouts, feedback and exercises
3- In the session some student needed my help to explain more some points
1- I was absent

1- Each department met with their members which as we IT department we discussed about important points which is
a. The weakness of the programs in each members and how we will improve it by attended some sessions
b. The attendees and absent in al Mahara center and what should us tell the manager of our department and submit the work
c. Must us know how to fill the service form of the center.
2- From 9:00 to 10:00 I had shift binding service.
3- I had service from Ms. Amal to cuts and divided some videos which I took one hour to search in the internet for the program convert the real player video to media player.
4- I tried to make CD cover and I design it in the photo shop then printed put the size was a big problem because a cant make the size correct
5- I prepare to my session next week which is about noodle tools.
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Asma Abudllah.O - weekly report 8
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