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 Week8 - Aisha Abdulla

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PostSubject: Week8 - Aisha Abdulla   Week8 - Aisha Abdulla Icon_minitimeThu Oct 22, 2009 5:26 pm

Name: Aisha Abdulla Al Ali ID: H00057281

Sunday 18th of October 2009
In this day I submitted the weekly report. Also, I checked spelling with Shima what she replied for the staff and students. Moreover, I attended the second hour who were Shima and Mona gave us presentation about Dream Weaver. In addition, I collected the weekly report and put it in the binder because marketing Manager (Jawaher) is absent. Also, I asked Maryam Salem what happing in the training session which she give for foundation students about the word and I learn from her how to be ready for my session.

Monday 19th of October 2009
Today the marketing manager (Jawaher) told me and Maryam Salem to sat with Shaima and learned how to answer emails and answer calls. Also, training manager who is Asma told us to make manuals of Noodle Tools for training session. Moreover, I called one students who put her voice message, but she didn’t answer my call. Then, Shima and Maryam sent to her email and know that she is from school and will give her and for her teacher training session. Also, Nina told me that miss Hajer want to met with General manager (Maryam Saeed) but she left, so I tell the training manager to met with miss Hajer.

Wednesday 21st of October 2009
In this day I worked with Shima and sent email to miss Seema because Asma went to her but she didn’t was there, so me and Shima asked her when she want to arrange the new time for training session. Also, I gave the manager ideas to make advertisements for students who take the same courses which we take to attract them more. In addition, Me, Maryam Salem and Zulaka make binding of math books for students. Moreover, I printed the title of form and stick it in binder. Furthermore, I asked Asma Omer if she complete the manual or not.

Thursday 22nd of October 2009
In this day I work instead of Shima because she has training session for first hour and I send email to Mrs Nicole Johnston to arrange time for training session in noodle tools for next week. Also, me, Hanan and Asma work on the training manuals, lesson delivery and feedback. Also, I helped Jawaher in printing the poster and lamination it. Moreover, I wrote email with Jawaher and send it to Mr Mohammed bin Jarsh that the student will came to know employees needs.
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Week8 - Aisha Abdulla
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