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 Weekly Reoprt 7

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maha faraj

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Weekly Reoprt 7 Empty
PostSubject: Weekly Reoprt 7   Weekly Reoprt 7 Icon_minitimeMon Oct 19, 2009 5:18 pm

Week 7

Sunday 11th – October – 2009

We want to Al Mahara Center and working on the layout and carry on doing the design for the chocolate, invitation card, book mark and printing brochure in color and black and white. Then I working on the manuals that format it and checking if their any mistake.

Monday 12th – October – 2009

In the begin of the class me and my colleague we was on shift for the stand and my colleague she leave and she went to the class because she was tired and I was alone on the stand. I was talking to the students and explaining to them about our center and encourage them to come and visit our center and we will train them in different programs. When I finish my shift the other ladies come to handle the stand and I want to the class and work in the layout of AMTC. Some of the students have interview with the press and it was by telephone in AMTC because the journalistic can not come. The students who do not have an interview we continue working on the brochure and designing the board that the board is out of the center after that in the last hour of the class we had a training session.

Wednesday 14th – October – 2009

We work on the layout for AMTC and organize it and there was some of the student that go to give an invitation card to the faculty and the brochure.

Thursday 15st-October -2009

This day is important day for us that it was an opening day for Al Mahara Training Center, and in this day we was busy that miss Amal told us to print handout that we do it by color that when the guest come they will see our work. After that we make a binding for our handout and put it in order. Also, we arrange the center and put all the things like brochure and bookmark, and we was prepared for the gust for instance, when they will come what the things that we have to say to them, then our General Manager went to the association coordinate to bring some of the juices and chocolates for the gusts, and there was some of the students was manage these things. Before the opining the TV form Sharjah television come and they see how the opining will be to prepared for it, at 11 o’clock the gust come which they are Mr. Get and Mr. Mohammed with some of the faculty, Mr. Get cut the ribbon and our GM was welcoming and introduce herself to them and I show them a movie maker for AMTC. After that our GM start introduce each department with their managers and the managers introduce their self and explain what the department is about, when they finish we give them juice and Mr. Get speak and tell for us what the reason that Dr. Fared cannot come, then I leave the center and I went to the class. When the gust leave the TV make an interview with the GM and another managers for the department also with miss Amal.
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Weekly Reoprt 7
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