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 Mooza AlShamsi- Week7

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Mooza AlShamsi

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PostSubject: Mooza AlShamsi- Week7   Mooza AlShamsi- Week7 Icon_minitimeSun Oct 18, 2009 12:51 pm

Week :7
Name: Mooza Al Shamsi

Sunday: 11th October 2009
• Finishing and submitting the training manual .
• Finished three more invitation cards.
• Printed and laminated the logo for the chocolate.
• Wrapped the chocolate with the girls.
• The Stand started at this day.

Monday: 12th October 2009
• Cover the chocolate for advertising the center with the green and orange colors and add the logo.
• Print the rest of the invitation cards .
• Market the center by giving the college students and faculties brochures and tell them about the center at the corridor stand.
• Help the marketing department to print the brochures.

Tuesday 13th October 2009
• Went to distribute some invitations cards, I didn’t find anybody , but Shaima and Muna found Nawal and gave her the invitation card.

Wednesday: 14th October 2009
• Finished week 8 schedule.
• Sent the schedule to the girls after checking it with the training manager and the GM.
• Prepare for the opining.

Thursday: 14st October 2009
• Prepar for the opining
• Printed colored manuals
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Mooza AlShamsi- Week7
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