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 week7-Aisha Abdulla

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PostSubject: week7-Aisha Abdulla   week7-Aisha Abdulla Icon_minitimeSun Oct 18, 2009 12:14 pm

Name: Aisha Abdulla Al Ali ID: H00057281
Sunday 11th of October 2009
In this day we were very busy because we began to open the stand and the general manager told me to help the students who are Asma Hussan, Maryam omran and Asma Abdulla. Then, I help them in the stand to make the design on it, so we put the brochure, book mark, posters and the words of AMTC. After that, I went to the corridor again to give the students some materials for design. After that, in the second class or hour me and Maryam were there and we give some brochures to the staff and students. Also, I think that they like to came to AMTC to have some programs and we write their name and give them briefly explanation about AMTC. Also, we submit the manuals.
Monday 12th of October 2009
Today me and Maryam who is in marketing department our manager who is Jawaher tell us to go to the library to print the color brochures to distribute it for staff. Also, we face some problems in the library because is not printing came back to AMTC and cut the brochures. Then we went back to the library and print it and finish. In addition, in the next class we present our presentation which is about excel in the class and give them handouts, so half hour Maryam explain and then I do the presentation in the next half hour.
Wednesday 14th of October 2009
In this day I got the material from the stand and gave it to Noura to put it in the out board. Also, Me and Alia put the arrow of AMTC in the wall of the building I. Also, me and Noura put image of the programs in the out board. Finally I did interview about business plan with CEO.
Thursday 15th of October 2009
In this day was a nice day for me because it was the opining day and we meet with Mr. Geat and we saw when Mr. Geat cut the tape. In the opining day Mr Mo, Mr Art and some staff came to AMTC. Also, some students was there who are Maryam Salem, Zalaka, Maryam Saeed, Shaima and Sharaf and one man who took pictures for Al kaleeg New paper and videos to show in Sharjah T.V. Also, we submitted the soft copy of what we do in the AMTC for our marketing manager (Jawaher). Me and Sharaf put the carpet in the passageway. I got the chairs from the AMTC room to the class. Also, me. Hanan and Asma got the drink from the car for the opining day. In addition, I put brochures in the table with style. Moreover, we see the level 3 students who visit us to know what to do in the second year of them. Moreover me and Maryam Salem print the manuals of excel.
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week7-Aisha Abdulla
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